EA SPORTS UPDATE: The Madden NFL 18 Coins EA Sports team has provided FIFA fans another update on the Chemistry glitch Earlier this week the FIFA gaming community were in uproar following the discovery of a glitch which could have been silently ripping off FUT players for years without ever being noticed.In response, dedicated FIFA players have been demanding a boycott of the game over fears they’re being “cheated” in the flagship Ultimate Team online matches.


The “chemistry glitch” in Madden Mobile Coins Cheap question appears to show that EA are not only nerfing (making less effective) teams of highly rated players, but also boosting low rated teams.Players are rightly angry because for years gamers have been buying FUT cards to get access to better players in the game.But if those expensive upgraded cards are actually knocking down their player stats instead of boosting them, then EA could be in big trouble.


EA has previously announced they were looking into the situation and to their credit have released another statement to keep the community in the loop. Manchester United team’s FIFA 17 player ratings seem to have been leaked A VIDEO has been leaked online which appears to show a multiplayer match being played on FIFA 17 – here are the ratings for the Manchester United team in the footage. 1 / 15 GETTY GK: David De Gea – 87


“We appreciate the help from the FUT community” EA SPORTS A message from EA’s Community Manager reads:”Our development teams have continued to investigate the reports of potential chemistry and fitness inconsistencies within FIFA Ultimate Team in FIFA 16, and we want to provide you with an update.Our work has shown that there appear to be some differences in how fitness and chemistry apply to some FUT items.

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